This policy applies to all users of Department ICT resources, as defined below, located at corporate offices and schools, and in private homes or at any other location. This policy applies to all use of Department ICT resources, including, but not limited to:

  • copying, saving or distributing files
  • data
  • downloading or accessing files from the internet or other electronic sources
  • electronic bulletins or notice boards
  • electronic discussion or news groups
  • email
  • file sharing
  • file storage
  • file transfer
  • information
  • instant messaging
  • online discussion groups and ‘chat’ facilities
  • printing material
  • publishing and browsing on the internet
  • social networking
  • streaming media
  • subscriptions to list servers, mailing lists or other like services
  • video conferencing
  • viewing material electronically
  • weblogs (‘blogs’)
Chapter explaining the scope of the Acceptable Use Policy including who it covers and which ICT resources

Reviewed 09 June 2020

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