This guide outlines the policy regarding the acceptable use of the information and communications technology (ICT) resources of the Department of Education and Training (the Department).

The Department is responsible for ensuring the use of Department ICT resources is legal, ethical and consistent with the aims, values and objectives of the Department and its responsibilities to employees, students and other ICT users.

All users of Department ICT resources are expected to exercise responsibility, use the resources ethically, respect the rights and privacy of others and operate within the laws of the State and Commonwealth, including anti-discrimination and sexual harassment laws, and the rules and policies of the Department, including occupational health and safety obligations to employees and students.

Department ICT resources should not be used for inappropriate or improper activities. This includes pornography, fraud, defamation, breach of copyright, unlawful discrimination or vilification, harassment, including sexual harassment, stalking, bullying, privacy violations and illegal activity, including illegal peer-to-peer file sharing. The audience of an electronic message may be unexpected and widespread and users should be mindful of this when using Department ICT resources.

Department ICT resources are provided to improve and enhance learning and teaching and for the conduct of the business and functions of the Department. Using information technology, accessing information and communicating electronically can be cost-effective, timely and efficient. Users are expected to use and manage these resources in an appropriate manner and in accordance with this policy. As part of ensuring users are aware of this policy, the following will occur:

  • users will be provided access to this policy
  • users will be reminded of the need for compliance with the policy
  • users will be provided notification of updates or developments to the policy
Introduction to the Department's Acceptable Use Policy

Reviewed 09 June 2020

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