Access and monitoring

Authorised persons may access or monitor Department ICT resources at any time without notice to the user. This includes, but is not limited to, use of Department email systems, and other electronic documents and records and applies to the use of Department ICT resources for personal use. However, Authorised persons must have a valid reason for accessing or monitoring the use of Department ICT resources and are required to maintain a log recording relevant details of the access and monitoring activity.

Authorised persons are required to inform the Chief Information Officer (CIO), Information Management and Technology Division (IMTD) before accessing or monitoring Department ICT resources.

Authorised persons may access or monitor the records of Department ICT resources for operational, maintenance, compliance, auditing, legal, security or investigative purposes. Electronic communications that have been sent, received or forwarded using Department ICT resources, may be accessed and logs of websites visited using Department ICT resources may be generated, examined and monitored.

Authorised persons may require assistance of a systems administrator to gain access to records held within Department ICT resources, such as electronic documents, communications or website logs of users. In such cases, the systems administrator will not be in breach of this policy by reason of following the instructions of an authorised person.

If a systems administrator becomes aware of any inappropriate use of Department ICT resources, they must report their concerns to an authorised person.

If there is a reasonable belief that Department ICT resources are being used in breach of this policy, the principal or immediate manager of the person who is suspected of inappropriate use may secure the equipment while the suspected breach is being investigated.

The principal or immediate manager may also request the CIO to suspend a person’s use of Department ICT resources.

Nothing in this policy prevents IMTD or Department agents from monitoring Department ICT resources in the normal course of their duties.

Chapter explaining access and monitoring of Department ICT resources including email systems and other records

Reviewed 09 June 2020

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