If an employee has a complaint or report of inappropriate use of Department ICT resources, they should lodge it with the immediate manager or principal of the person who the complaint is about. If the complaint is about the employee’s immediate manager or principal, they should raise it with the manager above.

Complaints arising from the use of Department ICT resources or complaints arising from the application of this policy, may be investigated in accordance with Department guidelines for managing complaints, misconduct and unsatisfactory performance for the teaching service or the public service, as appropriate.

Speak Up Service

Employees, contractors, and consultants are encouraged to report inappropriate conduct. If an employee has any known or suspected concerns about the appropriateness of someone’s ICT use by way of an unlawful act or omission, unethical behavior, or breach of the policy and is unable to raise it with an appropriate manager, disclosures can be made through a third-party service provider. Disclosures will be treated confidentially.

Chapter explaining how to make a complaint about inappropriate use of Department ICT resources

Reviewed 27 January 2021

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