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Finance Manual – Financial Management for Schools

Section 19 Financial Handover

19.1 Overview

A principal who is leaving a school for longer than two terms is required to prepare a financial handover statement. This is to ensure that the incoming principal and the departing principal have a clear understanding of the school’s financial position at the time of handover.

19.2 The outgoing principal

19.2.1 Mandatory policy (Must do)

Prepare a financial handover statementExternal Link as near and as practical to the last day of duty.

Ensure that all CASES21 records, including the asset register, are up to date and reflect the handover statement as near as practical to the outgoing principal’s last day of duty.

19.3 The incoming principal

19.3.1 Mandatory policy (Must do)

Verify the correctness of the items in the financial handover statementExternal Link .

Carry out a stocktake of the major accountable items a soon as practicable to test the accuracy of the stocktake record prepared by the departing principal.

File the financial handover statement.


CASES21 (Computerised Administrative System Environment in Schools) is the software package provided to Victorian Government schools to support school administration, finance and central reporting.

Student Resource Package — Main funding mechanism for schools comprising two components. Credit — used for central salaries and Cash — used for school based expenditure.

Workforce Bridging
Support program provided by the Department to assist schools with a Student Resource Package credit deficit to return the school to a sustainable position.

Section 19 of the Finance Manual sets out all mandatory and prohibited policy for schools and school councils with respect to financial handover (when a principal takes leave for more than two terms)

Reviewed 25 November 2020

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