Conflicts of Interest (COIs) can arise for employees at all levels of seniority and in every area of work in the department and schools. They are an inevitable fact of organisational life and they are not in themselves a sign of wrongdoing, but they create risks which should be identified and managed. However, when these risks are not appropriately addressed, organisational performance and reputation can be seriously compromised, and the effects can be significant for the department and for the individuals concerned.

This policy outlines the obligations on all employees to identify, report, and address conflicts of interest (COIs), and to subject them to ongoing monitoring. The policy also identifies the role of managers and principals to take steps to address risks of COI in relation to their staff.

The COI Toolkit on the Resources tab includes practical resources to assist employees and managers in identifying, managing and monitoring COIs.

For additional information about how the department manages COI risks, refer to the Conflict of Interest Framework (also available on the Resources tab).

All employees are required to record COI declarations and agreed steps to avoid or manage COI. A Declaration of Conflict of Interest form available on eduPay is to be used to do so.

Introductory chapter to department's Conflict of Interest Policy

Reviewed 20 December 2023

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