Conflict of Interest (COI) Framework:

COI Officer

The manager, Employee Conduct Branch, is the designated COI Officer.

Phone: 03 7022 1018

Tailored, real world guidance is best

The COI Toolkit (refer below) contains resources which can assist employees in applying the above process to real world situations.

Given the variety of circumstances in which Conflict of Interest (COI) may arise, the Department also recognises that high level principles or generic examples may be inadequate guidance for resolving COI risks in specific circumstances. For this reason, business units throughout the Department and schools are advised to identify clear expectations for employees about how the COI Policy should apply to discrete situations. The resources in the COI Toolkit can be adapted for this purpose.

COI Toolkit

The COI Toolkit includes a range of resources to assist employees in understanding and applying the COI Policy to the different circumstances where conflicts of interest arise.


For an introduction to conflicts of interest, refer to the Conflict of Interest animated videoExternal Link which can be found on the department’s Vimeo channelExternal Link . This tool helps staff to understand the department’s conflict of interest obligations and engage colleagues in discussions at team meetings, inductions and in Performance and Development Plan conversations.

To learn more about how to identify, declare, avoid and manage conflicts of interest, complete the Conflict of Interest eLearn moduleExternal Link (staff login required) which can be found on LearnED in eduPay.

Procedures and forms

Conflict of Interest Declaration Form resources:

Conflict of Interest Quick Guide and Case Studies:

Resources including the Department's COI Framework, Toolkit, information sheets, FAQs, quick guides, cases studies, more

Reviewed 21 September 2022

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