Conflict of Interest Officer

The Department’s Conflict of Interest (COI) Officer is responsible for providing advice to managers and members of the principal class on applying COI Policy to situations where COI has been reported to them, or where they anticipate COI may be affecting their staff.

The manager, Employee Conduct Branch, is the designated COI Officer on phone 03 7022 0005 or email

All employees, including managers, who want advice in relation to managing their own COI are encouraged to consult with their line manager. This is consistent with the promotion of personal responsibility and the development of an organisational culture which promotes open and transparent management. If necessary, their managers can then seek further advice from the COI Officer on their behalf.

In some circumstances, however, an employee might want to seek advice before going to their manager to discuss a COI issue. In these cases, advice can be sought from the Employee Conduct Branch.

Other sources of advice on COI

Particular business groups in the Department may identify other sources of advice on managing COI risks inherent to certain roles or functions such as procurement, grant allocation and licensing.

Chapter of the Conflict of Interest Policy explaining how to contact the Department's COI officer and seek advice

Reviewed 09 June 2020

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