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Annual Implementation Plan (AIP)

Annual Implementation Planning for new schools

Schools in their first years of operation, as well as newly merged schools, must take a modified approach to school planning to suit their unique context.

For a new school, the first AIP articulates the school community’s broad Goals and Targets and identifies Key Improvement Strategies that will guide the first 12 months of operation. Endorsement of the school’s first AIP by the principal, senior education improvement leader (SEIL) and school council president should be obtained within the first term of the school’s operation, after presentation to school council. New schools can expect to take part in their first school review at the conclusion of their inaugural year of operation. During this initial year, an AIP guides the school improvement cycle in lieu of a School Strategic Plan (SSP).

School planning timelines for new schools

  • Year 1 of operation: Schools complete a stand-alone AIP
  • Year 2 of operation: Schools complete an AIP, undergo school review, and develop their first SSP
  • Year 3 of operation: Schools develop an AIP as informed by their SSP, using the standard approach

Further information for new schools preparing an AIP is available in the document Annual Implementation Planning for new schoolsExternal Link (staff login required) on the Resources tab.

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Reviewed 04 October 2022

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