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6. School anaphylaxis management policy

Clause 6 of Ministerial Order 706 (PDF)External Link specifies the matters which a school’s anaphylaxis management policy must contain.

If a school has enrolled a student at risk of anaphylaxis, it must have a school anaphylaxis management policy. Schools without a student currently enrolled who is at risk of anaphylaxis are encouraged to also have a policy in place.

A school anaphylaxis management policy must contain all of the following matters:

  • a statement in the school anaphylaxis management policy that the school will comply with the Order and Guidelines on anaphylaxis management as published by the Department, such as these Guidelines
  • identification of the school staff who must complete anaphylaxis training that meets the requirements of the Order, and the procedures for the training (see Chapter 5)
  • information about the development, implementation, monitoring and regular review of individual anaphylaxis management plans for affected students, which includes an individual ASCIA Action Plan for Anaphylaxis (refer to Chapter 7)
  • information and guidance in relation to the school’s management of anaphylaxis, including:
    • prevention strategies to be used by the school to identify anaphylactic risks and minimise the risk of an anaphylactic reaction (refer to Chapter 8)
    • clear and comprehensive school management and emergency response procedures for responding to an anaphylactic reaction (refer to Chapter 9)
    • clear articulation of the circumstances under which adrenaline autoinjectors for general use must be purchased by the school (refer to Chapter 10)
    • a communication plan that ensures that all school staff (including volunteers and casual staff), students and parents are provided with adequate information about anaphylaxis and the school's anaphylaxis management policy (refer to Chapter 11)
    • completion of an annual risk management checklist (refer to Chapter 12).

More detailed information about the matters which must be contained in the school anaphylaxis management policy is set out in the following chapters as indicated above.

This policy should be reviewed annually and updated according to any change in individual school circumstances.

Guidance for developing an anaphylaxis management policy for your school is provided in the Resources tab.

Chapter 6 of the Anaphylaxis Guidelines specifying the requirements for a school-level anaphylaxis management policy

Reviewed 08 February 2024

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