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12. Annual risk management checklist

Clause 13 of Ministerial Order 706 (PDF)External Link requires the principal to complete an annual anaphylaxis risk management checklist.

A school’s anaphylaxis management policy must require the principal to complete an annual risk management checklist to monitor their compliance with the Order, these Guidelines, and their legal obligations.

The annual risk management checklist for anaphylaxis contains questions relating to the following:

  • background information about the school and students identified at risk of anaphylaxis
  • details of individual anaphylaxis management plans and ASCIA Action Plans for Anaphylaxis
  • storage and accessibility of adrenaline autoinjectors (both student-specific adrenaline autoinjectors and adrenaline autoinjectors for general use)
  • strategies to be used by the school to minimise the risk of an anaphylactic reaction
  • the school’s general first aid and emergency response procedures for when an allergic reaction occurs at all on-site and off-site school activities
  • methods for appropriate communication with school staff, students and parents.

The annual checklist can be found in the Resources tab.

Chapter 12 of the Anaphylaxis Guidelines on completing the annual risk assessment management checklist for anaphylaxis

Reviewed 08 February 2024

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