In the education context, workforce planning is a formal approach to planning, building and managing your school’s workforce structure, profile and people to achieve your school’s strategic goals and priorities and be well placed to respond to projected future needs.

This Schools Workforce Planning GuideExternal Link is designed to assist you in developing, implementing, and sustaining the workforce profile and school structure that is right for your school community.

The GuideExternal Link is based on feedback from principals, system leaders and education stakeholder organisations. It describes best practices in workforce planning and provides pointers for principals to plan for a workforce profile that is fit for purpose.

The GuideExternal Link provides a framework that can be applied to all schools within Victoria, including large and small, rural, and metropolitan, primary, secondary, and special schools. However, the department is also developing additional specific advice for both small and specialist schools.

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Department Workforce Planning for Schools Overview

Reviewed 26 February 2024

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27 February 2024


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