A range of support and tools are available for schools to assist in evaluating and addressing workforce needs. These include:

School Workforce Plan Template

This template is available for schools to use to prepare their own school workforce plan. This document assists schools to set out the key workforce priorities which may influence the schools ability to deliver its strategic goals.

Student Resource Package

Student Resource Package Staff Budget Planning Tool

The Student Resource Package Staff Budget Planning Tool (SRP Planner) is a tool that enables principals to model the impact of enrolment variations and other changes on the SRP, and build an overall staff budget plan or scenarios.

Recruitment in Schools

Human Resources Policies designed to both ensure employment practices are consistent with relevant legislation and provide flexibility to enable a range of workforce options for schools.

Recruitment in Schools Guide provides information to principals about key recruitment processes.

Tools to assist in the recruitment and retention of teachers, including:


eduPay enables staff to view online accurate data and manage their leave among other things. This online system also enables accurate workforce data to inform workforce planning.


DataZone provides corporate and regional staff with access to a range of data to inform decision making including school workforce data. It incorporates reports and data from across the Department including factsheets and snapshots (summary data sheets) providing high level statistical information, graphs and commentary on a range of topics and issues.

Organisation Design

The Organisation Design Guide for Victorian School Leaders (refer to the Resources tab of Organisation Design topic) provides a framework, best practice tools and relevant case studies on organisation design, specifically written for the Victorian government school context. The Guide aims to assist principals and other school leaders in assessing the effectiveness of their schools' current design in delivering strategic, educational and cultural outcomes and to plan for any changes to school design.

Resources for Workforce Planning for Schools

Reviewed 29 April 2021

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