Reimbursement of expenses

Employees will be reimbursed allowable expenses that were actually incurred in the course of their approved official travel provided those expenses were reasonable. An expense will be considered reasonable where it does not exceed the relevant amounts set by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) as adjusted from time to time.

Reimbursement will be for actual expenditure, and will not exceed the relevant ATO rates, unless otherwise approved by the delegate. Reimbursement for expenses is subject to the provision of evidence of expenditure.

To claim reimbursement, an employee must submit official receipts substantiating allowable expenses incurred. Where the delegate is satisfied it is not reasonably practicable to obtain a receipt, other satisfactory evidence of expenditure may be accepted. Official receipts or other satisfactory evidence of expenditure must be provided as soon as practicable upon return from travel. Information regarding the rates and procedures for the reimbursement of expenses is available in the Resources tab.

Upon request an employee may be provided with an advance for the expected costs associated with work-related travel (note: a per diem allowance is not payable to an employee). As soon as practicable after the event, the employee will provide the delegate with an account of all expenses incurred together with receipts (and where necessary a statement) and any balance owed to the Department.

Reimbursement of expenses — Travel and Personal Expenses — Teaching Service

Reviewed 31 March 2020

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