Personal expenses

Employees whose duties require them to be absent from their base location overnight or who has approval to undertake work-related travel, will be reimbursed reasonable out of pocket expenses for meals, accommodation and incidentals. Employees who are absent from their base location and the absence does not extend overnight may be reimbursed in respect of the cost of meals and other reasonable out of pocket expenses.

Reimbursement for meals, accommodation and incidental expenses are subject to the following conditions:

  • reimbursement is in addition to the cost of conveyance except where the cost of conveyance includes the cost of meals or sleeping accommodation or both
  • an employee must normally have travelled in excess of 24km radius from their base location to be eligible to make a claim for personal expenses

In circumstances where an employee with dependants is transferred or promoted to a position but unable to secure a residence suitable for themselves and their dependants and as a consequence is required to:

  • live away from home and pay board and lodging, or
  • pay board and lodging for themselves and their dependants, or
  • incur additional expenditure

the employee may be reimbursed such allowance as the delegate considers reasonable provided it does not result in a payment that exceeds the relevant amounts set by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) as adjusted from time to time.

Personal Expenses - Policy and Guidelines for Travel and Personal Expenses – Teaching Service

Reviewed 31 March 2020

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