An employee may be eligible for reimbursement of reasonable out of pocket expenses actually and necessarily incurred in the course of their authorised duties in the following circumstances:

  • expenses associated with an overnight absence from home or part day duties away from their base location
  • work-related travel expenses such as use of a private motor vehicle
  • travel and removal expenses on relocation
  • expenses incurred in using private vehicles
  • expenses incurred to travel to attend an interview
  • other out of pocket expenses considered necessary and reasonable such as private phone usage

Fees associated with professional registration, certification, licensing and memberships such as the Victorian Institute of Teaching registration, Working with Children Checks and union or employee association memberships will not be reimbursed.

Base location for allowance purposes

All employees must have a base location determined for allowance purposes which in most instances is the place at which an employee ordinarily performs his or her duties. In the case of an employee who does not ordinarily perform his or her duties at any 1 place the delegate must determine a base location for allowance purposes.

Reimbursement of expenses is subject to the requirements of Part 7 of Ministerial Order 1388.

Information regarding the rates and the procedures for the reimbursement of expenses is available in the Resources tab.

An introduction to reimbursement of expenses including base location for allowance purposes

Reviewed 22 November 2022

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