The purpose of this policy is to ensure all risks associated with traffic on school sites are identified and managed.


  • The Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act 2004 (Vic)External Link requires the department to identify and, so far as is reasonably practicable, to eliminate or minimise risks – including those associated with traffic within schools.
  • The principal and/or their delegate must identify and control risks associated with traffic on school sites.
  • The interaction between traffic and pedestrians creates a significant risk of incident and injury and the principal or their delegate must complete a Traffic Management Plan (DOCX)External Link or equivalent template for the school.
  • Under the OHS Act 2004, employees while at work must take reasonable care for their own health and safety and the safety of others who may be affected by their actions or omissions.
  • Central and regional offices provide a range of supports and services to assist principals and employees to be safe and well, including access to the OHS Advisory Service and local regional officers who can provide free advice about how to manage traffic related risks.
  • The Traffic Management Procedure must be followed, and sets out the practical step-by-step instructions for implementing this policy.
  • This Policy forms part of the department’s OHS Management System, refer to OHS Management System (OHSMS) Overview for further information.


The principal and/or their delegate in consultation with their Health and Safety Representative (HSR) and employees must:


An unintended incident which resulted, or could have resulted in, the injury or exposure to a substance or contagious disease, of one or more persons.

eduSafe Plus
The department’s online hazard and incident reporting and management application, accessible on the intranet. Employees log on using their employee number and password.

An event that has led to or could have led to an injury. Incidents include near misses, accidents, and injuries.

Mobile plant and equipment
A wheeled or tracked vehicle which is engine or motor powered. Examples:

  • ride on lawn mowers
  • tractors
  • forklifts
  • scissor lifts.

Near miss
A near miss is defined as any occurrence that might have led to an injury or illness to people, danger to health and / or damage to property or the environment.

Traffic Management Plan
A concise overview of the arrangements put in place to manage the risks associated with the interaction of pedestrians and vehicles within schools.

Relevant legislation

Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 (Vic)External Link

Department policy on identifying and managing risks associated with traffic on school sites

Reviewed 09 May 2024

Policy last updated

9 February 2021


  • Schools


OHS Advisory Service

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