Guidance on teaching with animals

This guidance provides advice for Victorian schools seeking to keep or use animals for teaching and non-teaching purposes.

This guidance contains the following chapters:

  • Requirements for schools
    • Scientific Procedures Premises Licence
    • Permits to keep or use wildlife
    • Animal welfare requirements
    • Biosecurity in schools
  • VSAEC application and approval process
    • Overview
    • When is VSAEC approval required?
    • Categories of animal use
    • Common examples of animal use in schools
  • Forms and record-keeping
    • Amendments to an approved project
    • Monitoring and recording animal welfare and care
    • Reporting the death of an animal or unexpected adverse event
    • Vet report
    • Post-mortem report
    • Project completion and annual report
  • School audits
    • VSAEC inspections – monitoring the care and use of animals
    • Animal Welfare Victoria audits
  • About the VSAEC
    • Role and responsibilities
    • Committee composition
    • Terms of reference
  • Complaints and grievances
    • Complaints about animal treatment in a school
    • Grievances against VSAEC decisions
Table of contents for the guidance on teaching with animals

Reviewed 11 October 2022

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