Information in relation to current employees

Employees who are members of the Emergency Services and State Super (ESSSuper) defined benefit funds are to contact ESSSuper for information about their fund, entitlements and other enquiries.

Employees who are members of an accumulation fund are to contact their superannuation fund for further information.

Superable salary for those in ESSSuper Defined Benefit schemes

Executive Officers and employees in the executive class and principal class in defined benefit schemes have their salary for superannuation purposes specified in their contract of employment. The Department provides ESSSuper with this information to enable the calculation of the member's contribution rate.

The superannuation salary for all other employees in defined benefit funds is determined in accordance with the relevant superannuation legislative provisions based upon the ordinary salary they receive and allowances as determined by ESSSuper, which currently include:

  • higher duties (after it has been paid for at least 12 months)
  • salary maintenance
  • special school allowance (teachers)
  • regular earnings leave purchase allowance (education support class)
  • intensive care allowance (education support class)
  • special payment (after it has been paid for at least 12 months)
  • gratuity

Updates to the superable salary for all employees in the defined benefit funds occurs once per year from the first pay in a new financial year based on your salary and eligible allowances at 1 May earlier that year. The superable salary is used to calculate your employee contributions.

Salary sacrificing to superannuation

Employees have the opportunity to salary sacrifice contributions to a superannuation fund. For full terms and conditions regarding these arrangements, employees should contact the fund of which they are a member.

Teaching service employees are required to salary package through the Department's salary packaging provider - (refer to Salary Packaging — Teaching Service).

Public Service employees may record any salary sacrifice for superannuation directly on eduPay self-service. Refer to the Enter or Update Superannuation DetailsExternal Link help document on eduGate.

Information in relation to current employees - policy and guidance for Superannuation

Reviewed 11 July 2022

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