The information provided here is general information only to assist principals, managers and employees in understanding their obligations and responsibilities relating to superannuation.

All employees are required to be a member of a superannuation fund to which the Department or school council, as the employer, must make Superannuation Guarantee (SG) contributions. The information provided here applies to department employees who are paid on the department's central payroll system and school council employees who are paid on the School Local Payroll module on eduPay.

Comprehensive superannuation information, particularly concerning an individual’s situation, should be obtained from the fund of which the employee is a member.

The superannuation arrangements for an employee will generally be determined by the commencement date of their current period of employment as follows:

  • a person whose employment commenced prior to 1 January 1994 is likely to be a member of a defined benefits scheme, such as the Revised, New or State Employment Retirement Benefits (SERB) Schemes. These superannuation schemes are administered by Emergency Services and State Super (ESSSuper)
  • an employee whose current employment commenced on or after 1 January 1994 has the opportunity to nominate a complying accumulation fund of their choice for Superannuation Guarantee (SG) contributions

The department is required to offer eligible employees the opportunity to choose a complying superannuation fund to which they wish to direct their employer’s SGC contributions ( refer to the chapter Information in relation to new employees, including Choice of Fund for more information). Employees are advised to obtain appropriate financial advice when considering their options in relation to choosing a fund.

An employee is required to provide their superannuation choice details, however where an employee does not provide superannuation details the department will firstly attempt to 'staple' their fund from ATO data, if no result is received enrolment will be directed to the default super product - Aware Super Future Saver (formerly VicSuper FutureSaver) with Aware Super Pty Ltd.

General - policy and guidelines for Superannuation

Reviewed 03 May 2023

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