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Age of volunteer student workers

For schools seeking to offer school community work opportunities to students, the Department  recommends that these opportunities are considered for students aged 14 years and over — Year 9.

For students younger than 15 years who wish to do school community work, principals must consider the following:

  • the maturity, capability and suitability of the student for school community work
  • whether additional supervision or other safety measures are required
  • compliance with the Child Employment Act 2003 (Vic)

If the student is younger than 15 and is undertaking school community work at a host organisation that runs a business, trade or occupation for profit, the organisation will be subject to the Child Employment Act 2003 (Vic).

Such organisations must have a Child Employment Permit and follow other requirements, such as supervising, record keeping and providing restricted hours and times of work — refer to the Hours and duration of school community work chapter of this Guidance.

Such organisations must not take on a student younger than 13 years of age in school community work. For more information on getting a Child Employment Permit, visit Business Victoria or contact Workforce Victoria on 1800 287 287.

If the host organisation is a not-for-profit, they do not need a child employment permit.

Guidance chapter on the age students need to be to participate in school community work

Reviewed 27 May 2020

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