Travel arrangements

Travel to and from school community work

The parent/carer, student and principal must approve any travel arrangements to and from the school community work and this must be written in the Timetable of school community work form. The student’s parent/carer must inform the principal in writing that they will be responsible for the student’s transport to and/or from the workplace if the school community work placement is done outside school hours and/or outside a Victorian school term.

Travel during school community work

It is not recommended that students travel between work locations in the course of school community work, but if this is to occur, the parent/carer must be informed of, and give their consent to their child travelling in a vehicle with the host organisation or nominated workplace supervisor(s) of the host organisation.

The school must also make reasonable enquiries to determine the appropriateness of the travel arrangements, including requesting the proposed driver complete the statutory declaration for transporting a volunteer student worker during school community work formExternal Link that attests:

  • the driver has a current and valid Australian driver’s licence — a copy must be provided
  • the driver is not disqualified or suspended from driving
  • the driver’s ability to drive a motor vehicle is not impeded or impaired
  • the vehicle used to transport the student is comprehensively insured
  • the vehicle is, to the driver’s knowledge, roadworthy, safe for normal road use and suitable for the work-related purposes, and
  • the driver has a valid Working with Children Check — a copy must be provided

For more information on work-related driving, please refer to WorkSafe Victoria guides on:

Guidance chapter on travel arrangements for students participating in school community work, including travel to and from school community work and travel during the school community work

Reviewed 02 March 2023

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