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Parents’ club Constitution and operational requirements

The parents’ club Constitution sets out the parent clubs procedures and other requirements, including membership, election of office bearers, meetings, voting requirements, records management, finance, conflict of interest and privacy requirements. For the Model Constitution refer to Model Parents’ Club Constitution.

Advice on how the 2019 Model Constitution impacts the running of the Club can be found in the Guide to the 2019 Model Parents’ Club Constitution.

Updating the Constitution

New versions of the Model Constitution are published from time to time, so parents’ clubs are encouraged to review their Constitution annually, and when required, update their Constitution to ensure consistency with the current Model.

A parents’ club may adopt a new Model Constitution by vote at its Annual General meeting or at a General Meeting. Parents’ clubs will be notified of updates to the Model Constitution via the Department communications to schools (through the school's principal) or the Department’s website, including the Schools Policy and Advisory Library.

Any proposed changes to the Constitution should be circulated to members one month prior to the meeting the changes will be voted on. Should the club wish to change its name or the month of the Annual General Meeting as stated in the Constitution, this change should be voted on at the Annual General Meeting or a General Meeting.

This should be minuted and kept as part of the club’s records.

Following endorsement at the Annual General Meeting or General Meeting, all changes to the Constitution must be forwarded to the Department for approval by the Minister (or delegate) by email to:

Guidance chapter on the parents' club Constitution and explaining how to adopt a new Constitution

Reviewed 22 February 2021

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