Membership to a parents’ club is on a registration basis. Interested parties must become Registered Members by completing the Registration Form at Schedule 1 of the Model ConstitutionExternal Link .

The annual Registration Form should be submitted to the Club/Association Secretary on or before the Annual General Meeting of the Club/Association or at any General Meeting of the Club/Association.

Upon submitting a signed and completed Registration Form, a person becomes a Registered Member of the Club/Association until the next Annual General Meeting.

Only Registered Members are eligible to vote at any Club/Association meeting or for election to any office in the Club/Association. An individual wishing to join the parents’ club at another point in the year can submit their Registration Form at a General Meeting. They will be entitled to vote at the following General Meeting.

Guidance chapter explaining the process of registering to become a member of a parents' club and voting eligibility

Reviewed 11 June 2020

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