Membership to a parents’ club is on a registration basis. Interested parties must become registered members by completing the registration form at Schedule 1 of the Model constitution (DOCX)External Link .

The annual registration form should be submitted to the club/association secretary on or before the annual general meeting of the club/association or at any general meeting of the club/association.

Upon submitting a signed and completed registration form, a person becomes a registered member of the club/association until the next annual general meeting.

Registration forms must be completed and retained in either hard copy at the school or in digital form and accessible upon request. Records must be kept in their original form whether that be digital or hard copy. Schools can switch the way they keep records – however, existing records cannot be converted, and they must be stored in the manner described above.

Only registered members are eligible to vote at any club/association meeting or for election to any office in the club/association. An individual wishing to join the parents’ club at another point in the year can submit their registration form at a general meeting. They will be entitled to vote at the following general meeting.

Guidance chapter explaining the process of registering to become a member of a parents' club and voting eligibility

Reviewed 22 August 2023

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