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Forming a parents’ club

Requirements for forming and running parents’ clubs are set out in the Education and Training Reform Regulations 2017 (Vic) (Regulations) and Department policy.

If there is no existing parents’ club at the school, and there is sufficient interest from a number of parents in forming a club, one or two interested parents should arrange to meet with the principal to discuss the process of formally establishing a new parents’ club.

The formal process is outlined in the section below.


  1. ​Parents who wish to establish a parents’ club at a Government school must send a written request to the principal to establish a parents’ club. The request must be signed by at least six parents of students at the school.
  2. ​Upon receiving the request, the principal must:
    • convene a meeting for the purpose of forming a parents’ club
    • endeavour to call the meeting and for the meeting to be held within 28 days of receiving the request but not later than 42 days of receiving the request
    • at least 14 days before the meeting, take reasonable steps to circulate a notice informing the school community about the meeting.

    A meeting convened by the principal for the purpose of establishing a parents’ club shall be chaired by the principal unless the principal nominates another person to chair the meeting on their behalf.

    Any member of the school community may attend the meeting.
  3. At the meeting, the attendees must decide whether to establish a parents’ club for the school. If it is decided that a parents’ club should be established, those present at the meeting must appoint an interim committee to: These are the sole functions of the interim committee. The interim committee may not meet for any other purpose or conduct any other business including fundraising activities. Parents’ clubs that are not constituted in accordance with the Regulations will not be recognised by the school or the Department.
  4. ​​The interim committee must prepare a proposed Constitution for approval by the Minister. All parents’ clubs must use the template Model Parents’ Club Constitution. The interim committee must fill out the template Model Parents’ Club Constitution by altering the following information only:
    • the school name (heading)
    • the name of the club/association (first paragraph)
    • the month in which the annual general meeting will occur (point six)
    • remove the word ‘club’ or ‘association’ throughout the document – whichever one does not apply
    • the club may insert the school’s logo on the first page of the document and on the Registration Form at Schedule 1 of the Constitution
    No other changes to the template Model Parents’ Club Constitution are permitted. For assistance in completing the Model Constitution, refer to the Instruction Sheet.
    Note: the Model Constitution was updated in 2019. To understand the changes and how they affect the running of the club, please refer to the Guide to the 2019 Model Parents’ Club Constitution.
  5. ​Once the proposed Constitution has been prepared in accordance with Step 4, the interim committee must seek the Minister’s approval of the proposed Constitution and the formation of the parents’ club.

    The proposed Constitution must be sent via email to: (preferred).

    Please note that only documents in Word format will be accepted. Please do not submit a document in PDF format.

    Or by mail to:
    Manager, School Operations and Governance Unit
    School Operations and Statewide Services Division
    Department of Education and Training
    GPO Box 4367, MELBOURNE 3001.

    Note: A parents’ club is not established until it has been approved by the Minister or Minister’s delegate. Until the Constitution has been approved, a parents’ club may not undertake any activities, including fundraising.
  6. ​​Once the Minister (or delegate) approves the formation of the parents’ club and the proposed constitution, the parents’ club is formally established. The interim committee is immediately dissolved.
    The Department will write to the club or club’s representative to confirm that the parents’ club has been approved. The principal will be copied in to this communication.
  7. ​Once the Department’s confirmation is received, the parents’ club must:
    • call an inaugural meeting of the club for the purpose of electing office bearers
    • have interested parents complete the ‘Parents’ Club Registration Form’ at Schedule 1 of the Model Constitution (under Resources tab), to become members of the club. The Registration Form should be submitted to the principal or principal’s delegate (as there are no club office bearers yet)
    • request nominations for office bearers. Parents’ clubs may wish to use the Department's nomination form (DOCX) for the election of office bearers.
    As a new club will not have office bearers, the principal or principal’s delegate is best placed to facilitate this process.
  8. ​At the inaugural meeting, the election of office bearers must be conducted by an independent person such as the principal, a teacher of the school, a senior regional officer of the Department.
    The person who conducts the election of office bearers must not be a current club member, or nominated for office in the parents’ club.
  9. ​Upon the election of office bearers, the club is fully operational.
Guidance chapter outlining the process for forming a parents' club

Reviewed 06 December 2021

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