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Dissolution of a parents’ club

A parents’ club will only cease to exist if it is voluntarily or automatically dissolved in accordance with the Regulations. A parents’ club is automatically dissolved if the school closes, merges, or demerges.

In all other cases, the procedure for voluntary dissolution must be followed. Principals do not have the authority to dissolve a parents’ club without following the voluntary dissolution procedure set out below.

Voluntary dissolution

The following must occur to voluntarily dissolve a parents’ club:

  1. All reasonable steps must be taken to circulate a notice of the proposed dissolution generally throughout the school community.
  2. A meeting to discuss the notice of dissolution must be held at least 14 days after the notice is circulated.
  3. At the meeting, at least two-thirds of those present must agree to the proposal to dissolve the parents’ club.
  4. If it is decided at the meeting to voluntarily dissolve the parents’ club:
    • all property and other assets must be transferred to the control of the school council
    • a person present at the meeting must advise the school council in writing of the dissolution of the parents’ club as soon as practicable.
  5. As soon as practicable after the above actions have been completed, the school council must write to the minister and to advise that the parents’ club has been dissolved, the school council has been notified of the dissolution, and that all property and other assets of the parents’ club have been transferred to the school council.

Automatic dissolution

When a school closes, the parents’ club is automatically dissolved. No further action needs to be taken to dissolve the parents’ club.

Where schools merge or demerge, the schools involved close and form a new school entity, or entities. If the schools have parents’ clubs, the clubs will also close. Any funds, property and/or assets from the closed parents’ clubs go to the newly merged school entity, or entities. It is at the discretion of the school council of the newly merged school as to how those funds are allocated. Should a new club form, these funds are not considered to be the funds of the new club. The principal should be proactive and clear in his or her communication to the parents’ club about this process.

A new parents’ club can be formed once the new school entity, or entities, have been established. If, in the case of a merger, a new parents’ club is formed, it is recommended that a representative from the finance sub-committee meet with the club to discuss the allocation of past parents’ club funds.

Guidance chapter on the voluntary or automatic dissolution of a parents' club

Reviewed 22 August 2023

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