5. Record keeping

Documents related to this policy must be managed and retained as per the Records Management – School Records Policy. The principal and/or their delegate must ensure the following records (electronic or hard copy) are kept and maintained in relation to OHS consultation and communication:

  • staff meeting minutes
  • health and safety committee or working group meeting minutes and documents
  • documents calling for elections of health and safety representatives (HSRs)
  • nomination forms and election emails (where relevant) for HSRs and deputy health and safety representatives (DHSRs)
  • HSR/DHSR training records
  • requests to establish a health and safety committee
  • information shared with HSRs (refer to Designated work groups and health and safety representatives)
  • employee feedback from engaging in consultation.
Includes information on the documents that must be managed and retained in relation to health and safety consultation and communication

Reviewed 12 January 2023

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