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OHS Consultation and Communication

4. Resolving issues and reviewing consultation arrangements

4.1 Implementing the OHS issue resolution flowchart

The OHS issue resolution flowchart (DOCX)External Link is in place to assist schools in dealing with OHS issues that arise in the workplace. It provides a process which guides staff to reach a timely resolution on matters that arise.

The principal or their delegate must ensure that the OHS issue resolution flowchart (or an agreed equivalent) is communicated to all school staff and displayed prominently in the school, via the OHS noticeboard or, for example, on the schools’ intranet page.

4.2 Reviewing consultation and communication arrangements

The principal or their delegate must monitor and review the consultation and communication arrangements on a regular basis to ensure they continue to be effective.

The principal or their delegate must ensure that:

  • elections for health and safety representatives (HSRs) and deputy health and safety representatives (DHSRs) are conducted after the position has been held for 3 years (standard term of office) or when a position is vacated
  • nominations and elections for HSRs and DHSRs are called every 12 months (if the HSR position is vacant) and recorded for record keeping purposes
  • health and safety committee actions are delegated to responsible persons for management and implementation within the agreed timeframes
  • consultation and communication arrangements are reviewed every 3 years or as required.
Includes information on implementing the OHS issue resolution flowchart and reviewing consultation and communication arrangements

Reviewed 31 January 2024

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