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OHS Consultation and Communication

3. Consulting with school staff and health and safety representatives

So far as reasonably practicable, principals or their delegates must consult with affected school staff and HSRs (where elected) on health and safety matters. Communicating on health and safety can build co-operation and trust between employees and the school leadership team and empower all involved.

The principal or their delegate must consult with school staff and HSRs (where elected) when:

  • identifying or assessing hazards or risks and making decisions on how to control them (for example, using workplace safety inspections, school staff survey results or eduSafe Plus data)
  • proposing to make decisions about employee wellbeing facilities such as dining facilities, change rooms, toilets or first aid
  • proposing to make a decision on procedures to:
    • resolve health and safety issues
    • consult with school staff on health and safety
    • monitor workers' health and workplace conditions
    • provide information and training
  • determining the membership of any health and safety committee in the workplace
  • proposing changes that may affect workers' health and safety (such as changes to the workplace, plant, substances or other things used in the workplace, or the work performed at the workplace).
Includes information on consulting with affected school staff and/or HSRs on health and safety matters

Reviewed 31 January 2024

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