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This page includes materials to promote learning a language to students and the community.

Language video testimonials

Language video testimonials talk about how learning a language at school has impacted positively on their personal and professional lives. Refer to: Language Video TestimonialsExternal Link

Ideas for using the resource

School leadership teams and members of staff to:

  • build awareness among community, staff and students of the need to develop language skills
  • highlight the importance of providing quality languages education programs to all students.

Language teachers to:

  • highlight the benefits of language learning including for example at the end of the year when students are deciding whether or not to continue with their language study.

Students and their parents to:

  • raise awareness on the importance of intercultural and language competency
  • promote the benefits of language learning including broadening career opportunities
  • highlight the school's language program at information night and other events.

The Language Video Testimonials were developed by the Department of Education and Training in partnership with the Modern Language Teachers' Association of Victoria.

The benefits of language learning

The following information has been designed for school communities to understand the benefits of language learning and to support the quality of language programs:

For articles based on research about learning languages, refer to:

Salzburg Statement

Salzburg Global SeminarExternal Link is an independent not-for-profit organisation founded in 1947 to challenge present and future leaders and innovators to solve problem of global concern.

In December 2017, 40 languages education leaders, policy makers, researchers and practitioners from 30 countries were invited to participate in a seminar to explore the transformation of languages policy to meet 21st century needs in an increasingly globalised world, and to draft the Salzburg Statement for a Multilingual World.

The Department, given its strong and progressive languages education policies that support the teaching of some 67 languages, played a significant role in the drafting of the Salzburg Statement for a Multilingual WorldExternal Link .

Language learning pamphlets

These research-based pamphlets provide information for school communities about the value of language learning.

For information about research in Australian and international contexts in fields such as the maintenance and development of bi- and multilingualism and bilingual education, visit the Research Unit for Multilingualism and Cross-Cultural Communication (RUMACCC)External Link .

Benefits of learning a language

Quality languages programs will be more successful with community support based on a common understanding of the reason for the inclusion of languages as core curriculum, and the many benefits for students. Communicating the benefits is an important step in gaining parent and community support for your languages program.

Learning a language:

  • develops an understanding of how languages work which leads to improved literacy skills, including English literacy
  • helps students develop critical thinking, analysis and problem solving skills
  • teaches students about other peoples, their ideas and ways of thinking
  • inspires interest in and respect for other cultures
  • enhances employment and career prospects
  • contributes to social cohesiveness through better communication and understanding
  • contributes to economic, diplomatic and strategic development.

For research in languages education, refer to Languages data and research.

Guidance chapter on how to promote learning a language

Reviewed 27 March 2024

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