3 Implement controls

Once the hot work tasks have been risk assessed, a control strategy to either eliminate or control the risk is to be developed and implemented.

The principal and/or their delegate in consultation with the HSR and employees:

  • must ensure that risk controls to manage hot work tasks are identified and implemented using the order of the hierarchy of controls. Examples include:
    • elimination — use pre-cast components e.g. purchase materials already joined
    • substitution — conduct arc welding instead of flux-cored wire welding to reduce the risk of exposure to radiation and fumes
    • engineering — install local extraction ventilation systems, isolation of ignition sources, and installation of welding bay screens
    • administration — develop and provide training in Safe Work Procedures for employees
    • personal protective equipment (PPE) — spark-or-fire-resistant clothing or welding masks
Chapter 3 of the Hot Work Procedure on implementing controls for tasks which have the potential to generate heat, flames or sparks

Reviewed 26 June 2020

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