Some key terms relevant to Child Link are listed below.

Child Link
Chil Link refers to the digital tool which is accessible by a Child Link User or a person who is authorised to access Child Link.

Child Link Authoriser
Child Link Authoriser describes a person, as specified by their role, who may authorise a Child Link User to access Child Link, or any other person who is delegated the power to authorise a Child Link User.

Child Link User
Child Link User describes a person who is authorised to access Child Link.

Child entry
Child entry describes an entry for a child that is created in Child Link for a child following the occurrence of the specified events, and contains information.

Wellbeing (when used in the context of the delivery of services to children and families)
Commonly understood to encompass a child’s physical, social, cultural, emotional, ethical, educational, and cognitive development.

Refer to Understanding child wellbeingExternal Link for further information.

Information Sharing Entities
Only organisations or services that are prescribed as Information Sharing Entities can share information under the Child and Family Violence Information Sharing Schemes. Organisations are prescribed under the Child Wellbeing and Safety (Information Sharing) Regulations 2018 or Family Violence Protection (Information Sharing and Risk Management) Regulations 2018 and as such, are authorised to request and share information. Prescribed information sharing entities are required to respond to requests for information from other Information Sharing Entities once relevant prerequisites for information sharing are met.

Examples of information sharing entities include:

  • schools (government, independent and Catholic)
  • long day care
  • kindergartens
  • before and after school hours care
  • Child Protection
  • out-of-home care
  • Victoria Police
  • Maternal and Child Health Services
  • the Orange Door
  • Child Link Users who are employed or engaged by organisations that are prescribed Information Sharing Entities. However, not all Information Sharing Entities are authorised to access and use Child Link.

A list of authorised organisations can be found at Information Sharing Entity ListExternal Link .

Information regarding a child or adult can be shared to services who are not Information Sharing Entities with the appropriate consent. Refer to Privacy and Information Sharing.

Includes a list of key terms relevant to Child Link

Reviewed 12 February 2024

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