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Workplace Safety Inspections

Planning and allocating workplace safety inspections

The principal and/or their delegate is responsible for planning quarterly workplace inspections (once per term). Inspections must be planned and scheduled in the OHS activities calendar (XLSX)External Link .

During the planning stage, the principal and/or their delegate must review and amend the department’s pre-populated workplace inspection checklists. These are:

Some checklists, or sections of checklists, may not be relevant to all schools. If not relevant, the requirements to be inspected may be removed.

This review process must be done in consultation with relevant school staff and health and safety representatives (HSRs).

When planning for these formal inspections, the principal and/or their delegate must involve the HSR and school staff who are familiar with the area being inspected. For areas that have specialised plant, equipment or require technical knowledge, inspections may be assigned to specialist staff, for example, a woodwork teacher when inspecting the woodwork room.

Includes information on amending and reviewing workplace inspection checklists

Reviewed 07 June 2024

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