7 Extension leads

Where extension leads are used, the principal and/or their delegate must ensure that they comply with Australian Standards, AS/NZS 3199 and tested in accordance with the Testing and Tagging of Electrical Equipment Frequency GuideExternal Link .

An extension lead should:

  • have plugs with three metal cores (pins)
  • be placed carefully around furniture to avoid being pinched
  • preferably be secured e.g. taped to the floor or along wall edges
  • not be placed near heaters
  • not connected in a piggy back manner
  • not placed under carpet or rugs to avoid over heating
  • be selected for the intended purpose (e.g. duty lead is used for outdoor/garden works)
Extension leads must be tested and comply with Australian Standards, AS/NZS 3199

Reviewed 29 June 2020

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