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6. Amending and resubmitting census returns in case of error

Schools may resubmit their census return in the week following census day if the initial return is found to be incorrect.

Some examples of where a census return must be re-submitted:

  • a student originally included in census counts who was expected to return and meet ongoing enrolment criteria may subsequently be found to have transferred to another school and thus the original census count would have to be reduced. The exit date must be set as census day or before
  • a student marked as non-SRP funded should have been recorded as SRP funded
  • negotiation with the principal of another school has resulted in agreement to change the time fraction a student is counted at each school.

Note: re-submitting the Census will not reflect any new enrolments, attendance or exits after census day.

Students who have not attended a Victorian government school by census day in the current school year cannot be included in the census counts, even if they attend a school immediately after census day. The only exception is for students who have been absent due to illness.

Guidance chapter on resubmitting enrolment census information when the original return is incorrect

Reviewed 24 April 2024

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