Identifying vaping

There are many different styles of e-cigarettes. They can be difficult to spot because they often resemble common school items such as highlighter pens, markers and USB drives. Some can be disposable, and some are small enough to fit into a pocket or pencil case.

For more information, refer to Quit Victoria: What do e-cigarettes look like?External Link

The below image is an example of what some e-cigarettes may look like.

Examples of different types of e-cigarettes

Identifying vaping at school

E-cigarettes may emit visible aerosol or ‘vapour’. They may also be detected by an unexplained scent in the air from e-cigarette liquid (or ‘juice’) flavouring. Fruit or confectionery flavours are popular, resulting in a scent that is usually sweet.

Nicotine addiction can look different from person to person. A student might be experiencing nicotine withdrawal if they:

  • find it more difficult to manage emotions – for example, becoming moody, angry or sad
  • find it hard to concentrate and engage
  • get anxious or nervous if they can’t vape
  • find reasons to frequently leave class to vape.

Some of these behaviours may also arise from other health or behavioural causes.

Includes information on styles of vapes and identifying vaping at school

Reviewed 04 March 2024

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