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Teaching and Learning Resources – Selecting Appropriate Materials

Staging public events or school performances

For the whole school community

Public events staged by schools and open to the school community (including small children in family groups) must be suitable for general exhibition. Where there is a doubt as to the suitability of public performances, the principal should consult teachers and consider whether the teaching and learning resources are suitable to be performed or displayed before audiences of any age. Where possible, the principal should also consider consulting with the school council or other members of the school community, for their views on whether or not the teaching and learning resources are considered suitable.

If the principal considers the teaching and learning resource is unsuitable for some age groups, the principal should either:

  • not permit the performance, event or display, or
  • consider recommending restricted entry.

For a particular age group

Some teaching and learning resources may be considered to be an appropriate focus of study for some students, for example, year 11 and 12 students, but inappropriate for others. In this event, the principal, in consultation with teachers, may approve the staging of the performance, display or event provided that:

  • the school community is informed well in advance of the event that the resource is inappropriate for some age groups
  • the warning is repeated immediately prior to the performance, display or event.
Guidance chapter on staging a public event or school performance, for both the whole school community and for a particular age group

Reviewed 19 July 2022

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