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Teaching and Learning Resources — Selecting Appropriate Materials

Questions to ask when selecting teaching and learning resources

Teachers, in liaison with principals, need to consider the following when selecting teaching and learning resources.

Question 1

Are the proposed materials/themes within the resource likely to be regarded as highly offensive or overly obscene by the school community?

If so, then the resource cannot be used irrespective of any possible educational value.

Question 2

Are the proposed materials/themes within the resource controversial or likely to be regarded as inappropriate by some students or their parents?

If school staff anticipate that the selected texts or other resources are likely to result in objections on the grounds that they are inappropriate, the school must:

  • arrange for alternative resources to be made available where requested
  • inform the relevant students and their parents of the controversial nature of the resource and inform them that an alternative is available if students or parents hold a genuine and reasonable objection

In the event of individual students being given alternative teaching and learning resources, teachers should endeavour to integrate the alternative study or activity into the classroom program and ensure that the student is supported in their position and not isolated from their classmates.

Question 3

Are the proposed resources prescribed or suggested VCE text by the VCAA?

If so, then these teaching and learning resources are appropriate for students studying VCE subjects.

Note: It is important that selection procedures should include consideration of the appropriateness of VCE teaching and learning resources when they are proposed for use by students in the years/age groups preceding VCE studies.

Guidance chapter on the questions teachers or principals should consider when selecting teaching and learning resources

Reviewed 26 May 2020

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