This policy provides an overview of the policies, guidance and resources available to support school councils to understand their roles, responsibilities and school council processes.

Overview of polices and guidance on school councils

School councils play an important role in Victorian government schools. The department has developed a range of polices, guidelines and resources to support existing and prospective school councillors to understand their roles, responsibilities and school council processes.

School Council — Powers and Functions:

Outlines school council’s role by explaining their legislated powers, duties and functions.

School Council — Elections:

Details the required process and documentation for conducting school council elections.

School Council — Composition and Office Bearers:

  • Outlines the requirements under the constituting Order relating to the total size of a school council, and the size and type of school council membership categories.
  • This policy also provides information on:
    • school council office bearers, such as Executive Officer, President, Treasurer
    • the terms of office for school council members and office bearers
    • how to change the size and composition of a school council.

School Council — Training and Good Governance:

  • Provides training information, materials and resources to support the knowledge, understanding and skills of school council members, including:
    • the Improving School Governance training modules
    • information on accessing face-to-face training
    • online training.
  • Includes links to the School Council Portal and access to the school council self-assessment tool. Guidance on effective governance and how to build school council capacities is provided.

School Council — Meetings:

Outlines the requirements, sample documentation and good practice advice in relation to school council meetings.

School Council — Subcommittees:

Provides guidance on establishing and running school council subcommittees.

School Council — Employment:

Provides policy and guidance for school councils on employment of staff, including pre-employment requirements, conditions of employment, grievances, payroll and record keeping.

School Council — Conduct and Conflict of Interest:

  • Outlines the requirements relating to the conduct of school council members, and how to avoid and manage conduct issues.
  • This policy also outlines requirements relating to conflicts of interest.

School Council — Liability and Legal Proceedings:

Outlines the legal liability for school councils and school council members and sets out the process for seeking assistance with legal claims.

School Council — Establishing a New School Council:

Outlines the process and documentation required in establishing a new school council.

There are a number of other Department policies that school councils will need to consider when performing their roles and responsibilities, such as the Finance Manual – Financial Management for Schools, Contractor OHS Management, Parent Payments and many more.

For a full list of these policies, refer to the Policy and Advisory Library Homepage and click on the filter category for School Councils.

Relevant legislation

Page providing an overview of policies and guidance on the Policy and Advisory Library about school councils

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16 August 2022


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