Improving school governance

School councils in Victoria must abide by the Code of Conduct for Directors of Victorian Public EntitiesExternal Link (Code of Conduct), for further details refer to the Improving school governance guide:

See also the Victorian Public Sector Employment Principles and StandardsExternal Link .

Procedures and forms


The Conflict of Interest (COI) Toolkit comprises fact sheets, checklists, case studies and quick tips sheets which are designed to provide practical assistance to Department employees in addressing day to day conflict of interest scenarios. For the complete toolkit, refer to the Toolkit (PDF)External Link , Toolkit (DOCX)External Link or download relevant sections from below:


Senior integrity policy and engagement officers are centrally based and provide advice to principals and school council presidents on the management of conflicts of interest. The Integrity Enquiry and Support Service can be contacted by phone 03 7022 5400 or email

The School Operations and Governance Unit (SOGU), Regional Services, also provides advice and guidance on the management of conflicts of interest. Principals and school councillors can contact SOGU at or 03 7022 1343 or 03 7022 1345.

For department procurement and probity enquires, contact

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Reviewed 30 November 2022

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