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School Council – Conduct and Conflict of Interest

Managing a conflict of interest

If a member of the council or their immediate family has an actual, potential or perceived conflict of interest with a matter under discussion at a school council meeting, that member:

  • must declare an actual, potential or perceived the conflict of interest
  • this must be recorded in the minutes.

The school councillor:

  • must not be present during the discussion unless invited to do so by the person presiding at the meeting
  • must not be present when a vote is taken on the matter
  • is included in the quorum for that meeting, as determined at the beginning of the meeting.

For further information on conflicts of interest in Victorian government schools refer to:

The Conduct and Integrity Branch can provide advice to principals and school council presidents on the management of conflict of interest. The Conduct and Integrity Branch can be contacted by phone on (03) 7022 5400 or email at

The School Operations and Governance Unit (SOGU) of Schools and Regional Services also provides advice and guidance on the management of conflicts of interest. Principals and school councillors can contact SOGU at

For department procurement and probity enquires, contact

Guidance chapter on managing school council conflict of interest

Reviewed 12 July 2023

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