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25 July 2023


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March 2020



Professional Practice days provide teachers with release from their scheduled duties (all duties which would have been otherwise scheduled, including teaching) to focus on the improved delivery of high quality teaching and learning.

The Victorian Government Schools Agreement 2022 provides teachers with two professional practice days in 2023 and one professional practice day in 2024 and beyond.

Professional Practice days are pro rata for a teacher employed part-time. For example, a teacher who works at a time fraction of 0.5 FTE is entitled to one half day per term. Professional Practice days are not pupil free days, unless it is scheduled as a common day for all teachers as outlined below.

The work undertaken on these days will be consistent with departmental and school priorities and selected from the following areas:

  • planning
  • preparation
  • assessment of student learning
  • collaboration
  • curriculum development
  • relevant professional development
  • peer observation including feedback and reflection

The timing and focus of each day for each teacher will be nominated by the teacher and be agreed in consultation with the principal. Where the timing and, or focus are not agreed the timing will be determined by the principal and the focus of the day will be determined by the teacher and must be consistent with the focus areas set out above.

The department is recommending schools hold one professional practice day on the same day for all staff. In 2023, the second professional practice day should be organised in line with previous practice, including that it is not a student-free day.

The professional practice day for teachers does not alter the attendance requirements for education support employees. Principals are encouraged to discuss the work arrangements for education support staff on professional practice days in advance.

For further information on professional practice elements, refer to the Resources tab.

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Policy and Guidelines

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Professional practice resources

For further information about the following resources, please email

Professional development for teachers

Here you will find resources on professional development for teachers including:

  • professional learning catalogue with information on courses, costs and FISO priorities
  • performance and development intranet with guidelines, templates and tools to help teachers through the PDP cycle
  • strategies to improve teachers’ skills in the classroom
  • recently advertised professional development (PD) opportunities and some information on professional learning theory

Professional learning catalogue

Professional Learning Catalogue with information on courses, costs and FISO priorities

Professional development for casual relief teachers

Here you will find information about:

  • professional development opportunities for casual relief teachers, including webinars, face-to-face workshops and comprehensive programs
  • registration, employment requirements and conditions

Scholarships for current teachers and graduates

Here you can find information about the current financial assistance available to recent graduates or teachers wanting to upskill.

Professional development institutes

Here you will find information about professional development institutes for school staff including:

  • the Victorian Academy of Teaching and Leadership
  • Statewide Vision Resource Centre
  • Victorian Deaf Education Institute
  • Victorian Institute of Teaching
  • VET Development Centre

Professional practice notes

Reviewed 21 May 2020