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Water – Private Drinking Water

including rainwater tanks and bores (groundwater)

Urban mains water feasibility

Urban mains water is the safest available drinking water option. Schools are encouraged to switch to urban mains water as soon as feasibly practicable.

Schools are encouraged to investigate if they can connect to treated water supplied by the local water authority (also known as urban water, town or mains water) every 5 years in line with the refresh of their school maintenance plan. In the first instance schools are encouraged to identify and contact their urban water authority/supplier to discuss the possibility of connecting with mains water.

Schools can contact their water authority by searching their address in the Water in your regionExternal Link map.

Should connection be possible, schools are encouraged to arrange a feasibility assessment, including consideration of funding source and planning approvals or other processes required. If a simple and affordable solution is available, schools are encouraged to arrange for a Victorian Building Authority licensed plumber to provide a quote for the works.

If the connection to mains water is possible but will require approvals or significant investment, schools are encouraged to:

  • include the option in their school maintenance plan
  • consider how the works will be funded alongside other school maintenance priorities
  • discuss the option with provision and planning staff in their regional office
  • seek guidance from
Includes information on the feasibility of schools switching to urban mains water

Reviewed 30 August 2022

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