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15 June 2020


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March 2020



From 2020 the PAYG — Payment Summary is now known as the Income Statement. The Income Statement is only available from your myGov account for both Department and School Local Payroll (SLP) employment. A copy of the Income Statement cannot be generated by the Department or the school.

Historical PAYG Payment Summaries continue to be available for all employees in Employee Self Service with access to eduPay remaining available where at least one employment instance (Department or SLP) remains active on the payroll.

A person who is ceasing employment is expected to download copies of any previous PAYG Payment Summaries they may require prior to their cessation being processed on the payroll. Income Statements will only be available in the individual’s myGov account.

Where a person requires an historical PAYG Payment Summary after they have ceased employment, the process for Replacement of Lost or Damaged Summaries applies.

Replacement of Lost or Damaged Summaries

Historical payment summaries that need to be replaced or have been lost or damaged can be reproduced by the employee using eduPay ESS.

PAYG information prior to the 2019/20 financial year is not available in your myGov account. A printed historical PAYG payment summary is not normally required for tax returns lodged with an accountant or when using the ATO MyTax service. The ATO, MyTaxExternal Link 'pre-filling' option automatically downloads the Income Statement details into the tax return and may negate the need for any historical printed copy.

Where a person requires an historical PAYG Payment Summary after they have ceased employment, they must complete the Request for Replacement PAYG Summary form available under 'Procedures and Forms' (refer to Resources tab).

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