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Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability

Process and data entry in CASES21

What to do:

  • the department requires the principal to verify that the school has undertaken appropriate processes to complete the NCCD and that the student information collected is accurate
  • the nominated school staff member enters verified data for each student eligible for inclusion in the NCCD in CASES21 following the instructions in the CASES21 administration user guide: Chapter 7, pages 125 – 126External Link (staff login required)
  • when all data has been entered in CASES21, schools are encouraged to run and save the following reports for their reference. At the end of each year, NCCD data in CASES21 will reset as part of the annual process. This means that schools should save a copy of the reports for their records next year*:
    • Students with disability – disability summary [ST21428]
    • Students with disability – student summary [ST21429].

* Note: If the PDF version of the Summary reports were not saved at the time of submission, school staff can still access the previous year’s data. This is found through the autosave Excel document in the school’s local P:Drive at any time. There will be 2 Excel documents saved at 2 timepoints of the previous year, on the August Census date and in mid-October.

Schools must submit verified NCCD data in CASES21 by the August Census date each year. The department supports schools entering data from Term 2, with all data to be verified and finalised in CASES21 by the August Census.

Includes information on entering data on students eligible for inclusion in the NCCD into CASES21

Reviewed 29 April 2024

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