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MHP Resource Hub

The MHP Resource Hub (Hub) gives MHPs access to a range of high-quality, evidence-based tools and resources to support their practice and ongoing professional development. The Hub is password-protected and can only be accessed by MHPs, mental health coordinators (MHCs) and mental health engagement coordinators (MHECs). MHPs are given access credentials to the Hub by the Central MHP initiative team upon commencement of their employment.

Orygen Practice Advice Line

The department has partnered with Orygen for the provision of a Practice Advice Line service available to all MHPs. The service provides MHPs with an opportunity for secondary consultation and practice support from senior clinicians at Orygen who have highly developed expertise in youth mental health. Through this service, MHPs are supported with clinical advice by clinicians who have experience in collaborative formulation and delivering evidence-based interventions for young people. MHPs are given access to the Orygen Practice Advice Line by the central MHP initiative team upon commencement of their employment. The service is available between 9:30 am and 4:30 pm every day of the school year.

Professional supervision

As school-based departmental employees, MHPs receive access to a range of professional supports including their school-based line manager, their school’s health and wellbeing team, the Education Support Class Performance and Development Process, MHCs and the Employee Assistance Program. While clinical (discipline specific) supervision is the responsibility of individual MHPs, professional supervision is provided to MHPs.

MHPs will have access to regular professional supervision including reflective practice activities, professional learning, workshops and discussion and de-briefing opportunities via the MHC and MHEC. Schools may also fund professional learning opportunities relevant to their MHP. A discussion between the MHP and school principal is encouraged to determine if this is an appropriate option.

Caseload Reporting Tool

As part of their day-to-day role, MHPs are required to utilise the MHP initiative Caseload Reporting Tool (tool), to keep a high-level record of the mental health and wellbeing activities they undertake. The tool serves as an important resource for MHPs to keep a record of the work they are undertaking. Aggregated data collected from the tool will help the department to provide additional support where key themes are identified across areas and regions. No identifiable student information is collected through the tool.

Data entered into the tool can be accessed by MHPs to give them a visual representation of the work they are doing, at the student and school level across the three tiers of intervention.

Includes information on the MHP Resource Hub, the Orygen Practice Advice Line, professional supervision and the Caseload Report Tool

Reviewed 29 January 2024

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