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Flexible Learning Options (FLOs)

3. Recording student placement in a Flexible Learning Option

Whilst the referring school maintains the enrolment for the student, an ‘INACTIVE’ enrolment status in CASES21 should be used by the referring school, and the Flexible Learning Option (FLO) host school should record the student’s ‘ACTIVE’ enrolment (applicable if the referring school is different to the FLO host school). Refer to the Attendance and absence recording guide (DOCX)External Link (staff login required) for information on attendance and absence coding.

To allow recording and tracking of student placements in FLO programs, all student placements in a FLO are to be recorded in CASES21. The referring school is responsible for maintaining the FLO history for a student, including the from date, to date, and the FLO Program in CASES21. The process is outlined fully in the FLO quick reference guide (PDF)External Link (staff login required).

Please note: The following applies to referring schools to FLO campuses and FLO in school programs only (not FLO government schools). FLO government schools are not required to use this tab as these students are already identifiable in CASES21.

At the start of a student’s placement in the FLO, record their placement details by selecting the FLO campus or FLO in school program they are attending and enter the start date, refer to the FLO quick reference guide for the full process.

At the completion of the students' placement at the FLO (note: this is when the student has finished attending the FLO and has either fully transitioned back to referring school or onto an appropriate further educational pathway) the following must be actioned by the referring school:

  • enter the students ‘to date’ (note: the to date is only to be entered once the student has fully transitioned back to mainstream education or other approved pathway. Refer to the FLO quick reference guide (PDF)External Link (staff login required) for the full process.
Includes information on recording student placement in a FLO

Reviewed 29 January 2024

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