Ministerial Order and Expulsion Policy overview

Expulsion templates and support tools

Expulsion consideration

Relevant person during an expulsion process

Nomination and consent of relevant person form (PDF)External Link – used when a student, parent or carer seeks to nominate another adult to participate in the expulsion process as a Relevant Person

Appointing a person from the suitable persons list

Request to appoint a person from the suitable persons list form (DOCX)External Link (staff login required) – used by the principal, in consultation with the Student Support Services Regional Network, when there is no adult available to act as the ‘relevant person’ for a student

Support person

Support persons guide (DOCX)External Link – information and checklist to guide a support person in their role supporting students during an expulsion process

Expulsion decision

Appeal process

Expulsion of students in government schools – Explainer video

The following short, animated video is an overview of the expulsion of students in Victorian government schools. This resource for school leaders explains the key requirements and processes that must be followed when considering expelling a student.

Training resources

Information for parents, carers and students

Resources for supporting student behaviour

Resources page containing supporting resources and links for this topic

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