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Tier 2 Funding Planner tool on SPOT

Schools receiving Disability Inclusion Tier 2 funding can use the new Funding Planner tool on the Strategic Planning Online Tool (SPOT)External Link , to plan how they will use their Tier 2 funding allocations, as part of their Annual Implementation Plan (AIP) development.

The Funding Planner tool enables schools to plan their expenditure of Tier 2 funding, in addition to Equity (Social Disadvantage) funding and Schools Mental Health fund allocations, in support of their AIP priorities.

Through the Funding Planner, schools can:

  • identify which of their activities will draw on Tier 2 funding
  • specify the value of Tier 2 funding to be allocated per activity
  • select the category and subcategory of Tier 2 expenditure for each activity identified as using Tier 2 funding (multiple subcategories may be selected where applicable).

Schools are required to report all Disability Inclusion Tier 2 expenditure in CASES21 and eduPay.

Information on completing the Funding Planner is available on the AIP Guidelines in the Policy and Advisory Library (PAL).

Includes information on the Funding Planner tool

Reviewed 17 October 2023

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