Cleaning metropolitan Melbourne schools

Metropolitan school cleaning quick reference guide (DOCX)External Link – quick reference guides for metropolitan schools

Metropolitan schools user guide for cleaning services (DOCX)External Link – information about cleaning arrangements at metropolitan schools (including cleaning services plans)

Working with your school cleaning service provider (DOCX)External Link – detailed guidance about partnering with your service provider and how to resolve issues

Cleaning services for schools (DOCX)External Link – information about school cleaning standards and an overview of the cleaning frequency for primary and secondary schools and, specialist schools

Area-based cleaning model for metropolitan Melbourne – Activity calendar (DOCX)External Link – a yearly calendar which provides a guide on how your school and service provider can work together throughout the school year. The calendar also sets out recommended actions and required actions for your school. If you require an accessible version of the calendar, please email

For more detailed guidance on cleaning services in your school, the cleaning services plan, and school and cleaning provider responsibilities refer to Frequently asked questions (DOCX)External Link .

Cleaning regional schools

The Asset Information Management System (AIMS) has replaced schools' existing asset information management systems.

A School council cleaning checklist (DOCX)External Link (staff login required) should be completed before going to tender. It enables a school to customise its cleaning requirements by identifying its particular needs.

The School council provision of cleaning services agreement (DOCX)External Link (staff login required) is intended for use when a school purchases cleaning services (from the specified panel). As well as the standard reasons for termination, this agreement can also be terminated if the supplier ceases to be appointed to the relevant department panel. A Guide to completing school council cleaning agreement (PDF)External Link (staff login required) is also available. Where a school council wishes to extend its cleaning services agreement by exercising any available further terms, a template Contract extension letter (DOCX)External Link (staff login required) is available.

The following supporting documents are required to engage and manage a regional school cleaning service provider.

Guidance material:


Background information on the department’s cleaning policy

Information for cleaning contractors

For more information on school cleaning, please contact the School Cleaning Unit at or phone 1300 842 754.

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